The Jesuits in Guyana
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Download PDFThe Resurrection According to St Luke
Download PDFThe Passion According to Saint Luke
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Download PDFThinking about Christ’s Resurrection
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Articles on the Spiritual Excercises

The Dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises
To Make the Exercises Better
The Principle and Foundation and Images of God
The First Week: Some Notes on the Text
The First Week: Practical Questions
The Christ of the Kingdom and the Company
Becoming Whom We Contemplate
Presenting the Two Standards
The Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises
Praying the Passion
Theology of the Cross and the Third Week
Consoler And Consolation
'Our Lady' and the Graces Fourth Week of the Fourth Week
The Victim as Forgiveness Arisen
Models of Discernment
Receiving and Rejecting

Imagining Ignatian Spiritual Direction